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Community Health Programs in Bessemer, AL 

As an important institution in our community and a healthcare provider, we know that more goes into health than just caring for patients when they have an emergency. It also means promoting healthy habits to prevent future challenges. Additionally, "healthy habits" don't just include physical health but also mental health. Medical West provides several different support groups for those dealing with the challenges of failing health and losing a loved one. We also offer volunteer programs for those looking to add something meaningful to their life. 

Medical West prioritizes all aspects of your health, from providing discounted and free services for seniors to varying mental health support groups and child birthing classes.



  • Senior Care Program and Membership Benefits

    Anyone who is 50 years old or older can enroll in the Medical West Senior Care program. Once you enroll in our senior benefits and membership program, you'll have access to a wide variety of discounted and free services that benefit your physical and mental health.

    Membership entitles you to many valuable lifestyle and inpatient benefits, including: cafeteria discounts, discounts at Bob Sykes BBQ, free exercise classes at the Legacy YMCA, and much more!

    For more information about our senior care and benefits program, please call (205) 481-8500.

  • Childbirth Classes and Bootcamp

    At Medical West, we strive to make your pregnancy, childbirth, and early parenting experience as enjoyable as possible. That is why we offer a Childbirth Bootcamp to prepare you for what you’re about to experience. Our childbirth classes and boot camp is held on the second Saturday of every month at the Women’s Medical Center at Medical West. The class is comprehensive and takes a total of 4 hours.

    We pride ourselves on the services we provide to women and their families. As you’re beginning your family or even if you’re on your second or third child, childbirth classes can be incredibly valuable. Interested in learning more about our childbirth boot camp? Check out our events calendar or call (205) 481-7180 to register today!

  • Hospital Volunteer Program

    Research shows that helping others is the best way to help yourself. Doing volunteer work provides numerous health benefits, such as lowering your blood pressure, strengthening your immune system, and reducing your risk for depression. We are always seeking new volunteers at Medical West.

    Volunteering with Medical West is a great opportunity for anyone looking to do something meaningful with their day. It would also be great for young people interested in the medical field. You'll be surrounded by kind, knowledgeable individuals that will help you get the most out of your hospital volunteering experience.

    For more information on how you can become involved, call (205) 481-7359.

  • TOUCH Support Group

    "TOUCH" stands for "Today Our Understanding of Cancer is Hope." It's undeniable that cancer can wreak havoc on an individual and their family. It can be a scary and stressful time. You may not know where to turn. That's why at Medical West, we created a support group for cancer patients, cancer survivors, and their families. Support groups create a community and offer support and advice about how to handle stress and big milestones.

    The TOUCH cancer support group is facilitated by a Chaplain and meets monthly on the first Friday of each month at noon in Professional Office Building One of Medical West near the cafeteria. A complimentary meal is provided for those who attend.

    For more information or to register to attend, please call the Chaplain’s Office at (205) 481-7359.

  • Grief Support Group

    Coping with the death of a loved one is a journey. Not an event. To help along this journey, Medical West offers a Grief Support Group that provides information and caring support. Dealing with loss is a unique experience for everyone. Grief groups provide a judgment-free environment to explore your emotions and healing process.

    The group is facilitated by a Chaplain and meets weekly on Monday evenings from 6 to 7 p.m. in Professional Office Building One of Medical West near the cafeteria. A complimentary meal is provided for those who attend.

    For more information or to register to attend, please call the Chaplain’s Office at (205) 481-7359

  • Alzheimers Support Group

    Watching a loved one start to forget the world around them and decline over time can be an incredible challenge. The difficulty of being a caregiver for someone with Alzheimer's is extreme. That's why Medical West created a support group specifically for these caregivers and loved ones.

    Joining a support group with individuals who have similar experiences to you and can relate to what you’re going through can provide a lot of peace for some. Meetings take place on the first Monday of each month in the Civic Room at 6 p.m.