Summer may be winding to a close, but you don’t leave skin protection from the sun behind! The risk of skin cancer continues throughout your life, no matter the season. 

And the effects of the summer can be felt for a long time. Did you know that if a child or adolescent has a blistering sunburn, it more than doubles the chances of them developing melanoma later on in life.

Where non-summer sun gets risky is in the incidental exposure you get when you aren’t even aware of it. Things like mowing the lawn, walking the dog, or walking to and from the car - things you do where ‘getting sun’ isn’t on your radar. This kind of sun exposure is what can lead to basal cell carcinomas, especially on the face, ears, shoulders, and back.

Have a year-round sun protection plan!

- Seek shade!

- Don’t let yourself burn!

- Avoid tanning booths

- Cover up with clothing

- Use sunscreen

- Keep newborns out of the sun

- Examine your skin every month for signs of trouble

- Talk to your doctor about skin checkups