10 Tips for Healthy Summer Skin
1. A little dab won’t do. You want to protect yourself, but how much sunscreen should you really use? About the size of a small paper cup used for holding ketchup at a fast food restaurant. Rub on 30 minutes before sun exposure and again every 90 minutes. Even water-resistant sunscreens can be rubbed away when toweling off, so be sure to reapply.
2. Shield your skin from dryness and sun damage.Too much sun can leave your skin looking dry and washed out. Make sure to use daily moisturizer that contains Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant. It protects your skin while repairing past damage.
3. Eat right.A healthy diet can do wonders for your skin. Stimulate your complexion by eating a heathy supply of leafy green veggies, blueberries, cantaloupe, and other melons.
4. Stay in when the sun’s the strongest.If you’re participating in outdoor activities like going to the beach or having a pool day, take a tip from the Spanish and take a siesta in the middle of the day! This is a great way to give your skin a break from the day’s strongest sun rays.
5. Are you running on empty? Long days make summer the perfect time for an afternoon walk, jog or hike, but make sure to monitor your fluid intake. You can lose anywhere from six to twelve ounces of fluid for every twenty minutes of running, so it is important to rehydrate.
6. Beware of sun sensitivity. If you’re taking prescriptions, be sure to check the labels about how they may affect your body when sun and heat are added. You could be setting yourself up for a painful sunburn or other harmful side effects.
7. Live for lip balm.Protecting your lips is key to preventing skin cancer, yet research shows that fewer than one in four Americans wear sun-protective lip balm. It is recommended to use a lip balm with an SPF of 15 (or higher) and apply it 15 minutes before going outside.
8. Cover up.If you are planning on spending a lot of time out in the sun, give your skin a rest by covering up for at least some of that time. A long-sleeved shirt, sunglasses and wide-brimmed hat can help you avoid some of the damaging UV rays.
9. Keep your makeup light. If you wear makeup, make sure to keep it light during the summer months. Heavy foundations do not allow your skin to breathe, especially when you are in the hot sun. Stick with a mineral powder or tinted moisturizer.
10. Be smart while you tan. Everyone enjoys having a summer glow, but it is important to know the long-term effects of overexposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Both a suntan and sunburn are demonstrations of sun damage to the skin and can lead to skin cancer and/or other skin problems.
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