Dietician sharing weight loss recommendations


While losing weight is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions, statistics reveal that many people give up before the end of January. Why? Because many people set their weight loss expectations too high, expect results too soon, or give up too easily.  


Losing weight can seem challenging at first. After all, it often requires lifestyle changes. It takes motivation, careful planning, discipline, and ongoing support from those around you. Here are some simple tips to kickstart your weight loss journey: 


Top recommendations for weight loss

UAB Medical West Registered Dietitian Caroline Kirkpatrick shared her top recommendations for weight loss: 

1. Hydrate first! 

It is easy to misinterpret your body’s signal of thirst as a signal of hunger. Drink at least 8 ounces of water before each meal. This practice will help stimulate your gut for better digestion while helping prevent overeating at meals. 

2. Focus on fiber and protein

Fill your meals with fiber and protein.These nutrients help us stay fuller longer and provide our bodies with sustainable fuel to stay active during the day. 

3. Plan ahead

When hunger strikes, it is easy to reach for those pre-packaged, high-calorie, and low-nutrient snacks. Plan ahead by keeping healthy snacks in your pantry, car, purse, office drawer, etc. to reach for instead.

4. Get cooking

Most foods served at restaurants and fast food chains are much larger in size than we need and contain high calorie additives, like butter and creamy sauces. When you cook at home, you can control portion size and exactly how many extra calories you are adding to your foods. 

5. Track it

Use a notebook or weight loss app to record when and what you eat. We often underestimate how much we actually consume throughout the day, so writing it down keeps us more accountable. Tracking your diet can also help you notice potential unhealthy trends in your eating habits that you can work on to enhance your weight loss. 


Start your weightloss journey with a Registered Dietitian

Before starting your weight loss journey, check-in with your doctor to ensure that your health and medications are compatible with any dietary or activity changes. Your age and health conditions affect the nutrients your body needs, so it is important to develop a personalized plan. It’s important to remember that a weight loss plan is not “one size fits all.” 


There is an abundance of confusing, conflicting, and inaccurate information out there about weight loss. To learn how to achieve lasting weight loss in a safe and effective way, set up an appointment with a Registered Dietitian who can develop a specific plan for you. Dietitians complete specialized education and internship programs in nutrition, pass a national credentialing exam, and complete annual education to maintain qualifications. They have the resources and knowledge to detect fact from fiction when it comes to weight loss and are trained to make personalized plans. 


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