The holidays can be a tough time to stay on track if you are dieting. According to Women’s Day, these 7 substitutions will help keep your waistline slim throughout the season. Try filling up on these before you endulge in the rest of the Christmas goodies that will cover your holiday table. 



Even though full-fat cheese may have a higher calorie count, they are filled with protein. A small amount of a more flavorful cheese like Parmesan or Gouda will satisfy your cravings quickly and fill you up.



Everyone loves a nice cocktail during a holiday party. Instead of reaching for a high calorie drink, grab some champagne. Champagne is only 100 calories per serving compared to the much higher content of other alcoholic beverages. 


roasted nuts

Nuts make the perfect little snack. Grab a handful at the beginning of the party to munch on all night. Nuts are full of fiber and protein, making you feel fuller faster and longer.


dark chocolate

Need some help with lowering your blood pressure and stress during the holidays? Try grabbing two squares of dark chocolate a day to boost your mood and calm your nerves.


red wine

A new study found that one glass (5oz) of wine a day may help keep off weight gain, due to a compound called Piceatannol. This compound is now thought to slow the growth of fat cells. 


shrimp cocktail

A low calorie holiday appetizer is hard to come by; shrimp is the perfect low-calorie, high protein hors d’oeuvre. This means you will stay fuller longer, helping to lower your cholesterol and prevent heart disease. Fill up on nine medium shrimp for only 50 calories. 


spinach-artichoke dip

A small amount of this rich dip can help curb your hunger cravings. To make this dish even healthier, try pairing it with low-calorie and high fiber vegetables rather than crackers or bread.